Herrin Bestrafung

in Uncategorised on 07/09/2022

I am a sadistic dominant female who loves to see others suffer… in a secure controlled environment. I push the person through its limits, but I am aware of them, making the experience pleasurable for both. I aim to achieve perfection, but the truth is that perfection itself can never be fully achieved, therefore what seemed to be perfect today may not be tomorrow for the eyes of an obsessed person like me. I consider myself to be empty/cold since common life pleasures aren’t amusing for me. I pursue to gain inner harmony controlling both body and mind.

Country: Germany
City: Berlin

  • Piercings (needles, needle play)
  • Torturing while dominating
  • All about latex
  • Anal Play
  • Hard Sports
  • Sex

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Categories: Uncategorised

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