Herrin Bestrafung’s New Slave – The Front


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After giving her slave Ben a serious beating of his back, Herrin Bestrafung turns her slave around and leaves her attention onto her slaves front. To avoid a lot of screaming and begging for mercy Herrin Bestrafung has made her slave wear a very tight mouth gag, with the only option left for her slave to drool. Herrin Bestrafung continues where she left with the flogger, paddle and whip and you can clearly see on the slave that the pain is terrible. As a true sadist, Herrin Bestrafung quickly figures out where to hit the slave to course the most pain – on the slave’s balls! When the punishment finally ends only thing left for the slave to do; is to kiss the sadist’s feet and show complete surrender.

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Herrin Bestrafung’s New Slave – The Front

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