Sissy Training with Herrin and Lady G


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This pathetic sissy slave needs all the training he can get, and Herrin Bestrafung and Lady G are on the case. These two brunette European Mistresses are ready to double-team this inexperienced submissive with some hardcore sissy training, in ‘Sissy Training with Herrin and Lady G’.

Dressed all in black and lace the curvy German Domina Herrin Bestrafung guides this sissy slave towards Czech Mistress Lady G’s big black strapon, and the excited slave is sure not to mess up his lipstick as he sucks it. Lady G takes great pleasure in this strapon sucking and makes sure this sissy doesn’t forget to lick the balls too.

While the sissy is on his knees, German Domina Herrin Bestrafung takes the opportunity to subject the sissy to some verbal humiliation and gives him some light whipping too. No one gets off lightly with double domination from Lady G and Herrin!

The sissy even gets a few beauty pointers from the two dominant ladies, making sure his wig and makeup look perfect for them before pushing his face deep into Herrin’s ass for some tantalising ass worship. Unimpressed, Herrin treats the slave to some facesitting, making sure he really worships her mouthwatering ass, while Lady G straddles the lucky and eager slave for insanely sexy double-domming.

Before they’re done with this excitable slave, Lady G makes sure to ride his face hard with her strapon, enjoying the deep-throating immensely.

For the rest of the session, these two ladies punish their sissy with slapping, forced foot worship, and bondage, to make sure he doesn’t forget his place underneath them.

This sensual double-domme clip is sure to make any sissy jealous

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Sissy Training with Herrin and Lady G

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