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It depends. For our European femdom production, we are mainly looking for pain slaves (male or female), and slaves (male or female) that up for extremes within their preferred topics. We are also looking for Mistresses, ideally either pro-dommes of all ages or younger inexperienced. Please apply through

For our European productions, we are always looking for lesbian models of all ages, just as we are looking for b/g models for amateur style content. Regarding male performers, we are mainly looking for the age group 18-22 years old. Not that we are not sometimes working with more mature models, but we already receive MANY applications from mature male performers. Please apply through

For our Brazilian production (Sao Paulo), we are always looking for female models of all ages. We are also looking for extreme pain slaves, for a new Brazilian concept. We are currently not producing classic b/g content in Brazil. If you would like to take part in our Brazilian production, please send us your application via

We very much encourage our users and models, to connect for private sessions online and offline. You can find contact information on some models, in their model’s profile or in the Listings section. If a model has no contact information such as email, website, or social media listed, it is most likely because she either have retired, or are not offering private sessions.

It is important to state that as a website, does not have any involvement in any deals made privately between our users. We do not charge any fees, or earn take any responsibility for any conflicts or problems related to the agreements and communication made though our platform.

If you feel that a listing or profile is promoting dishonest, misleading, outdated, or in other way inappropriate information, you are very welcome to inform our support.

Yes, please contact us at, with a rough idea of what scene you would like order, then we will give you an estimate. Please note, that it is much easier for us to produce a clip, if you are flexible on the models taking part. It will be much harder and much more expensive, if we are to fly in a special model, compared to shooting the clip with models already booked for upcoming shoot.

We are currently offering payment via most major debit/credit cards, and a handful of popular crypto options, at our checkout. If you are not able to pay thought any of our integrated options, we offer a variation of manual payment options.

Clip Store

Yes, when purchasing a clip, you will get access to the download section, where you purchased clip will be available for download. Most clips come in 1920*1080 (FullHD), with some never clips having a 4k version available.

Your download link will never expire, however clips can be downloaded a maximum of 10 times. This is to limit file sharing. In case you will additional downloads, simply contact our support, and your limit will be raised.

Yes, in theory streaming is also available. However, the clips are rendered mainly to be downloaded, why we can guarantee the streaming experience. If you prefer streaming, you will get a better experience by joining the native website of the clip(s) that you like.

Live Streaming – Coming Soon

An event ticket provides you with access to the listed event, plus access to the Live Streaming Archive. Event tickets cost €7. Please note, that if you have an active membership on any of our Adult Membership sites, you will be able to watch any live stream, included in your already paid membership fee. Please visit the Live Feed area of the website, with your active subscription. Even if you are a member of saying Merciless Dominas, you will still be able to watch live streams of saying Lezdom Brazil.

As an event ticket holder, you will be able to access the Live Streaming Archive. Access will be available from the day of your purchase, and until 30 days after the stream has ended. There is no downloadable copy of the stream itself, however the clips filmed, will be available for purchase in the Clips Store, no later than 30 days after the stream has ended.

We are using modern streaming software, and have not experienced any problems streaming to our own devices. For a stream to run smoothly, a decent internet connection is required. In short, if you are able to smoothly watch streams of your local TV station, you should also be able to watch our stream.

We are so sorry! This unfortunately happens from time to time, since we are streaming from various locations around the world. If a stream is being fully cancelled, or postponed more than 30 minutes, we will issue a full refund, and we will send you a free copy of the scenes filmed, within 30 days. If you paid via card, you will automatically receive your money back within 7 days. If you paid via crypto, or another alternative payment method, please look out for an email from our support, that should arrive during the following working day.

If the stream is not running, due to an issue on your site, we are unfortunately not able to issue a refund. We will, however, help you with access to an archived version of the stream.

Purchase a ticket to any upcoming live streaming event. You will have access to the archive from the time of purchase, until 30 days after the stream.


For the moment, we are focussing on listing Mistresses, Dungeons and Escorts, from countries with average to good English skills in Europe. You are welcome to post your listing, even if your jurisdiction does not fit. Just keep in mind, that our traffic is mainly related to the above mentioned.

It is 100% free to create a listing, simply sign up for our site and post your listing.

We reserve the right to un-publish the listings that we find spammy, inactive, or not providing value to our users.

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