Big Butt and Breath Play


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Gorgeous German Domina Herrin Bestrafung gets ready to force her slave to entirely submit to her in this facesitting and air control clip ‘Big Butt and Breath Play’.

This collared, obedient and entirely shaved naked slave is expertly tied up by Herrin Bestrafung’s dungeon, and her love of CBT shows as she screws the slave’s balls into a menacing clamp. Once he’s all tied up, it’s time to have some fun.

Corseted Herrin Bestrafung’s beautiful curves make for some intense facesitting, as her slave gasps for air from underneath her. When she finally lets him take some breaths, she rolls her pinwheel sensually and painfully over his nipples.

Returning to the breath and air control, this goddess straddles her slave’s chest to strangle her completely helpless slave with her bare hands, who soon turns red and splutters as he becomes desperate for breath.

Between repeated turns of the pinwheel, face sitting with her big butt, and more strangling, this submissive slave is entirely dependent on the whims of this European domme, and he remains grateful to be able to take big deep breaths from the crotch and ass of the goddess.

Before finishing this sensual domination session with her slave, this beautiful domme demands some foot worship from the pathetic beta male and repeatedly slaps his face, making sure he won’t forget his Mistress anytime soon!

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