At The Mercy Of Herrin Bestrafung


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Sometimes a Mistress just want to have fun! You could say that sentence describes this scene very well. The scene is filmed at The Hidden Torture Farm in Germany in June 2016 with Herrin Bestrafung. Normally we choose a subject for a scene before filming it, in this case, Herrin Bestrafung suggested us to go without a script, but rather simply go after her imagination. At that point, slave Niall was 100% ”At The Mercy Of Herrin Bestrafung”. The Herrin was able to do whatever she wanted, and she did so. A great mix of whipping, flogging, candle play and verbal humiliation. What makes the scene even better is the fact, that the slave is tied up in a very uncomfortable way and fully gagged, so that he can only drool in answer to the punishment. Enjoy!

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