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How purchase a xHamster NFT (and watch Faphouse for FREE)

First, let’s get one question out of the way, so that you do not have to wonder. Do I have a fetish for girls with big front teeth, you know a bit Hamster style. The answer is, YES! Just have a look at these two beauties being Mistress Mira and Kiki. WOW. Both models, fortunately filmed with us in the past, and would love to see them both return. “Cris, if you read this post, can we please have Kiki back, when I come to Sao Paulo next time?” You can find our clips with Mistress Mira here, and with Kiki here.

Secondly, this blog post should not be seen as financial advice, but rather a guide on how to get started with xHamster NFT’s and take advantage of it’s many great perks. If you have followed a bit of Crypto related news during the last years, you most likely have heard about various NFT series such as the Crypto Punks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club is selling at $100.000+ per item, with them even having limited utility. I think the time for such gains are over, as these were very special cases related to a new technology. The new generation of NFT’s come with utilities, and if you love porn then the xHamster NFT series might be the right choice for you.

So what is a xHamster NFT, and what can it be used for? xHamster NFT is a so called “non fungible token”, and a total of 10.000 NFT’s was minted back in December 2022. Unfortunately the sale did not fully lived up to expectations, since only 4955 ended up in circulation, and the rest was “burned” (send to a dead wallet, so in practice, they will never be able to enter the market. Of the 4955 that ended up at the market, xHamster purchased a fair part itself, to slowly release into the market.

Before we go through the practical steps, I would like to state that there are several other wallets, marketplaces, and exchanges out there. For simplicity, in this post, I have chosen to go with a few of the market leaders. Please watch the video posted under the steps, showing me going though the process.

Step 1 – Set up a crypto wallet, that are compatible with the big NFT marketplaces. One good option could be Metamask. I do not want to go into details about how to set up Metamask, since it’s a pretty simple process. If you get stuck, there are lot’s of really good YouTube tutorials on this topic.

Step 2 -xHamster NFT’s are trading in the crypto currency called Ethereum, so step 2 would be to get hold on some Ethereum. This can be done in various ways, but for most persons, the two most simple solutions would be to either purchase it with the help of a credit/debit card directly through Metamask, or alternatively sign up at a crypto exchange such as Binance. The benefit of using an exchange, would be that instead of using your credit/debit card, would be able to make a bank wire, and save the 2-3% card fee. In both cases, you will be requested to complete a KYC process, since this in most countries is a legal requirement.

Step 3 – Purchase a hamster NFT. This can be done, though various market places such as Opensea, Blur, or OpenseaPro (it’s not pro in the way that it requires a subscription or membership, just a name). It does not really matter what marketplace that you will be using, since in all cases, you will be logging in with your Metamask wallet, and not really create an account. Your NFT, will also be stored in your Metamask wallet, and not at the marketplace. While most of the xHamster NFT’s are listed though Opensea, for this tutorial, we will be using OpenseaPro, since this is an aggregator, that list all xHamster NFT’s that are listed for sale, no matter what marketplace they have been listed through.

Step 4 – Connect your xHamster NFT with your xHamster user account.

Step 5 – Enjoy the benefits!

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