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Madame Anna Konda

Female Wrestler, Powerlifter, Muscledom – Owner of the Female Fightclub Berlin.
Fighting is not a Sport for me. I fight to win. The Loser is my Prey. Losing is not an Option for me. As a Strongwoman and Female Powerlifter, I am stronger than other Female Wrestlers. Of Course, their Fighting Skills are higher but we don´t fight in Weight classes here, so I can use my Power to win my fights. My Bodyscissors Crush Ribs and my Headscissors Crush Skulls. My Facesits suffocate my Victims. I love to dominate the Loser. You see! It is the survival of the strongest here. I train to get stronger and stronger. As bigger the strength difference is as more I enjoy the Fights. When I feel my Opponent tremble in fear and I feel my Powerful Body can Pulverize her then it is a fucking turn-on for me!

Country: Germany
City: Berlin

  • Female Muscle Domination
  • Mixed Wrestling
  • Lift and Carry
  • BBW Facesitting
  • Anal Play
  • Hard Sports
  • Sex
  • Watersports

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