The Abandoned Airbase – Mr. Blueberry


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In late May 2015, we visited an abandoned air base from the old USSR in East Berlin, Germany. The weather was nice and Lady G and Anna Konda was ready to have a little fun with their slaves. Who is Mr Blueberry? His name was actually issued during the shooting of this scene. Right away the Mistresses noticed that their whipping made the slave turn blue and not red as usually. Now we have the scene The Abandoned Airbase and Mr Blueberry. Anna Konda just loves power domination and always suggest something related to this, while Lady G prefers to issue pain. A perfect combination for a scene like this – Anna Konda can keep the slave securely fastened while Lady G issues a punishment! Later on, the ladies uses bondage to keep their victim securely tied up, so that Anna Konda, can have a go with the whips!

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The Abandoned Airbase – Mr. Blueberry

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