Payment Options
If you experienced issues completing a payment, on one of our adult websites, you have maybe been recommended to have a look at this page. This information is valid for all of our adult websites including, but not limited to;,,,,,,, and

These are all alternative deposit options, that may or may not be available for you at your jurisdiction. All payments completed through any of these methods are one time payments, and you will NOT re-billed.

– Choose your preferred alternative payment method.
– Complete a payment, equal or close to equal, to the price of the membership/download/service, that you would like to purchase.
– Send an email to, with the headline “manual purchase, name of the site”. Please send the mail from the mail account that you use on the website in question (if any). If you have a username on the site in question, please include it. Do NOT include your password. Include information about payment method used.
– Wait a little. We will within 24 hours (usually much faster), complete your purchase manually. You will receive a reply to your email from, when your purchase has been completed. Please whitelist or check your spam folder, we will always reply within 24 hours.

Alternative Payment Methods – Alphabetical Order
Issue us a voucher “Gutscheine” to Choose deliver to email Important: We ONLY accept vouchers to, not .com, or any other local Amazon websites. You can find the Amazon voucher option by clicking here

For crypto payments, we recommend to pay via the options already available on all of our websites. This includes ALGO, BCH, DOGE and LTC, plus typically a few additional options depending on the specific website. It’s also possible, to use the addresses below. Just keep in mind, then transactions are not instant.
ADA (Cardano) – addr1qyahxgpma8zf3ag568g5xzp6zgkrcepnqla5rymql9rvr5kk6pthx5ganrqa7urfttlknk5py7dvkq2l0htsmtf223hsx8t96j
ATOM (Cosmos) – cosmos1gmgtn8f2wemagjhnunv68m6yfjsc20evtczg25
BNB (Binance Smart Chain) – 0x52A37AFe633509A01d8AC93f776044316f20b966 (only BNB)
BCH (Bitcoin Cash) – qpa0j6jjxkv669vvkkxacz8vez6hlf8htcnlx523ad
BTC (Bitcoin) – bc1qe7cqc9wrtmq2qyv9m5esql08g2zx7qthlsmhvj
DC (Dogechain) – 0x5a82399263051EAa43e307C51f3d5dd8E13A1bA7 (only native DC)
DCR (Decred) – DsQxwHEkdcioC1qyyhaFRrRn4uryTRebhjP
DOGE (Dogecoin) – DTviZXNsBfUnRtHBSQ1xSGHFoC1jYUQpRV (recommended)
ETH (Ethereum) – 0xA123Ed99670Af9F0C12b50ba78503A0869bcF4e2
LTC (Litecoin) – ltc1qn8d495ag8dg6ct5jqvzp6rh633qnpgm8ukhq2q
MATIC (Polygon) – 0x52A37AFe633509A01d8AC93f776044316f20b966 (only native MATIC)
ROSE (Oasis Protocol) – oasis1qrzrchex39cjelvrvvlcshujn9af2pwa6sg6w9zv
SOL (Solana) – AWQZ7wuMMB3S32NYHvuMajZApv3QmUyWTvxhgxPSaLiC
TON (Toncoin) – EQDPYYsI28MoZhybVnAJJtGl43XyZVha9-UJglWsUQGb5zs5
TRX (Tron) – TWCpywfELgTERTvsRX9j6EKR7t57EzXftm (Native TRX, plus USDT and other wrapped stablecoins)
XMR (Monero) – 41dfpozF66xHhcnWfWvHtm27wQsXAByyx5x1UMHs5FnGfVYownAkFwbQLgD8VVR4PVRJKtZsgVPQXbhm5BmqkDHSCUeHQek
ZEC (Zcash) – t1T2ELdDt9xuCVjrAiiVqn8LCUKrdScyuTo (recommended)

If you would like to learn how to buy crypto currencies, please visit our crypto guide. We may also accept other Crypto’s upon request. Only TRX wrapped stablecoins.

Bank Wire
Beneficiary: ETD Services Limited
IBAN: NL41 BITS 0319 7529 84
You can send €. Only IBAN and SEPA transfers. Please note that Bank Wires are not instantaneous, why it may take longer than 24 hours before credited.

Paxum e-wallet
Payment email –
You can send €, $ and £

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