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If the mistress decided to help with your workout, you won’t be able to mess around. Mistrix Lucifera has a brat tamer friend for just such occasions. Guy’s guilty eyes do not deceive Miss Flora, she sees through the sub, no matter how he pretends to be a good boy. He does not look frail, which means he is simply lazy and able to cope with the load.

Without ceremony with the guy, she orders to show her how he does push-ups, putting her foot on his back to make him give all the best. Having corrected his hand position, the lady sits on top. This is just the first of Miss Flora’s improved exercises. Squats, bench press, crunches – all with Mistrix Lucifera and Miss Flora as weights. The result was not long in coming, as diligence is the mother of success.

And since the brat is partial to women’s feet, his last exercise for jaw can be considered as reward.

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