Facesitting in Czech Way


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Dressed only in a fishnet body stocking, curvy Czech Goddess Madam Lucrecia treats her slave to some insanely sexy BBW facesitting in “Face Sitting in a Czech Way”.

Madam Lucrecia has a lot of fun with her slave in this clip, forcing him to breathe through her ass and her pussy for her enjoyment. He gasps for breath in between his Mistress’ long and hard riding of his face.

We see the slave’s face get entirely crushed under the Czech Mistress’ curvy and perfectly round ass, and this lucky boy gets to enjoy the Goddess riding his ass for as long as she wants. He desperately tries to taste her through the lace bodystocking and gets to enjoy of smell and warmth pushed against his head.

This video almost becomes too sexy when we hear the slave’s muffled moans coming from between this Domme’s perfect legs, and she wriggles on him to make sure he can’t breathe at all. The tantalising face-sitting combined with her sensual slapping and breath play is the ultimate in femdom teasing.

If you like watching a perfect BBW manhandle her slave so she can get multiple pleasure out of her facesitting session, there is no better clip for you.

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