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Lilly Love Lotus

They call me Lilly Love Lotus.
I’m a empathic human being who loves conscious games of power and pain.
Your devotion, your humility, your pain – they are my desires.

When you are naked and can´t hide your emotions, then i can see the real you.
I will guide you, control you, dominate you, humiliate you… but catch you if you fall.
If you are new to the game, we can start slow and try out what works for you. I will guide your way to find your lust in suffering.

Do you know what you want and know your borders? Then let’s get extreme!

Blood and marks hold a deep fascination in me and I love needles and other tools to embrace this passion.

Country: Germany
City: Berlin

  • Medical / Needle / Blood play
  • Breath play
  • CBT
  • Impact play ( Whipping, Caning, Flogging, Paddling, Spanking)
  • Nipple play/ torture
  • Electrical play
  • Foot fetish/ Worship
  • Foot torture
  • Tickle torture
  • Pet play
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Sissification/Crossdressing
  • Anal training/Dildo games
  • Hard Sports
  • Sex

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