At, we are offering two types of memberships. First of all we are offering free* community memberships. This membership allows you to login to the website and use the community (forum) and website chat features. To become a community member, you need to have made one purchase from one of our websites or re-selling partners. If you purchase either an event ticket or a membership here on, you will automatically get an account with community access for life. If you have purchased any digital product from any of our websites or re-selling partners, then send an email with your receipt to, and we will manually create a user for you with 24 hours. The purchase could be several years old, and it is not important if from one of our own sites or a re-selling partner such as clips4sale. We ask this, simply to limit the number of forum and chat spammers.

Secondly, we offer weekly (event tickets) and monthly re-curing memberships. The only difference is the price and the length of the membership. Event tickets cost €5.99 and are a one time purchase. The monthly membership cost €8.99 and will re-cur each month until cancelled.

Included in both memberships

  • Access to all live streams from all of our websites and partner websites that offer live streaming events
  • Streaming access to our library of old live streaming events from all of our websites. These streams are not to be found on any of our other websites, partner websites or 3rd. party reseller. That said, you can find the edited versions on the website the clip was produced for
  • Lifetime access to our community

Please note, if you are already a member of one of our sites (all membership types, excluding trial memberships). Then you already have access to all of our live streaming events, and not only the ones from the site that you are a member of. Say that you are a member of, and would like to watch a live streaming event from or Simply log in to the live streaming area of and you will have access to all of our live streams. No reason, to purchase additional access.