You Better Not To Speak

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Blonde bombshells Miss Courtney and Miss Suzanna Maxwell join forces to humiliate and punish their slaves in this outdoor fetish clip from Merciless Dominas.

Clad in skin-tight leather, these beautiful British dommes enjoy punishing their two slaves by first chaining one to the wall, and making a second wait on his knees in service, holding the implements for the women to choose from during their sadistic session.

Miss Suzanna and Miss Courtney get to work by first collaring their chained-up slave before subjecting him to some expert whipping, using their favourite whipping techniques to decorate the slave’s backside with thick red welts, while the other slave waits, naked and apprehensive, in complete silence.

Not satisfied with just whipping their slave, these sadistic women turn to caning the chained up slave. The slave does his best to remain silent, as per his Mistress’ wishes, but his cries and moans still echo throughout the stone courtyard. Both Miss Courtney and Miss Suzanna enjoy laughing at the pathetic picture of this beta male, and make sure to continually verbally humiliate him throughout the entire clip.

Watching these two British dommes enjoy the punishment of their slaves is a treat in itself, only improved by the silent service of the waiting slave, kneeling silently, clearly in pain from holding his position holding the implements, not knowing when they will choose to use him

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You Better Not To Speak

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