Wordless Whipping


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British Dominatrix Mistress Inka and German Goddess Sweetbaby getting their masochistic kicks in a dark basement dungeon might sound like the ultimate fantasy, but you can watch it right here with our new clip, “Wordless Whipping”.
These beautiful dominant women can’t help smiling and laughing together while mercilessly whipping their bound slave. He’s inescapably tied to the cold brick wall of the basement dungeon setting, biting down on the rope to help him take the cruel punishment of the Mistresses.
Listen to the delicious sounds of whip and flogger making contact with their target, mixing with the cries, groans, grunts and pleas of the slave, which echo throughout the dungeon. You can hear the pain in his voice as he dutifully takes his punishment.
Without saying a word to their pathetic man slave, Mistress Inka expertly whips while Sweetbaby wields her flogger with style, until his back is red and covered in welts. The slave’s cries and wriggles do nothing to slow down the Mistresses, who are having far too much fun to stop.
The session isn’t over until the Mistresses have had their fill, and their plaything is begging for mercy. Pleased with their slave – and the intense markings now covering his body – they leave him hanging in the basement, broken and gasping for breath.

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