Water Balloon Games

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There is something romantic about being tied to a tree in the sunset. Especially if the person who immobilizes you is charming Miss Flora dressed in a short satin robe over sexy lace underwear.
The scrotum inflated with saline looks like a balloon filled with water. How drawn to play with it, spank and bust! Yes, Miss Flora is known for her playful disposition! Her slave is really lucky – the lady allows him to masturbate his cock. But no one said that there would be no pain! The mistress tortures his nipples and testicles, piercing them with needles and skillfully busting. More and more needles, but she thinks this is not enough. So, it is a metal clamps time! Auch, that must really hurt!
Why not add some molten wax? Hot white drops make the slave moan and tremble. Rejoice, man, there is so much attention for your cock and balls today!


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