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This scene was filmed on International Women’s Day. And it is so symbolic! This is what happens when someone is objectified by a woman like a Domina Jemma is.
She completely immobilized her slave. His crotch is totally exposed and defenseless while the scrotum is tied up. This pose is so convenient to torture a bit juicy little balls peach. Spanking with a crop, tingle with the sharp heel, flogging – there is no point in struggling; he can not get anywhere.
Domina had the idea to erect his penis with a powerful vibrator, but it seems that this miserable little worm is not capable of this. What a disappointment! She told him that if he will not animate his useless appendage she will clip his foreskin closed and seal it off. He should be submitting to her.
Is Jemma cruel? Of course, no! She was even so kind and generous to sit on his face! Now he can feel her lips gently rubbing on his. Mistress continues flogs his balls, but she definitely can’t let his moans disturb the neighbors. Scream into her pussy, useless creature! The more you suffer, the more pleasure for the lady!


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