Soft Trampling in Tights

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Should trampling always be about high heels and heavy pain? Some may argue yes, some no [I might prefer the heavy pain version]. This scene was filmed during our Berlin shoot in June 2018. One of the few scenes not with neither myself or one the MercilessDominas behind the camera, but rather Press from TramplingForFun. If anyone is into trampling, then it is this guy and our two actors in this scene Bitrack and German Lady Deluxe. Even though Bitrack and Lady Deluxe are usually synonyms with heavy pain and super hard trampling [searh their names at our site], this scene is of the more to the soft side. On the floor of a local clinic, Bitrack is placed on the floor to take some trampling and teasing from the sexual feet of Lady Deluxe. Have a look and learn to trample from the best!


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Soft Trampling in Tights

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