Sleepover with Surprise


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We all love pleasant surprises and excitement when you unwrapping your gift. And if this is a surprise made by Miss Flora to Mistress Melia? Yes, guys, this is much better and more original than another cup or sweater with a silly print. This is a cheeky dirty little slut with soft and delicate skin, on which you want to leave marks. In addition, she serves grapes! That is what you need for an overnight party!
Melia is delighted with such a gift, and rest assured, she will find a worthy use for it! First, the sub was ordered to undress, show herself and try to seduce the mistresses. So a little funny erotic show has begun! Even the cold bed column did not leave unnoticed by horny slut! Her gentle ass was slapped with ladies bare hands, her mouth was gagged and eyes blindfolded with a mask. Mistresses squeezed her small and sensitive nipples, scratched her breasts and used clothespins. Encouraging her in a whisper in her ear, Mistress Melia will put her lustful slave to go through the pain – flogging of tits which already are covered with bright marks. But even this is less intensive then pussy and boobs spanking with paddles which come after. Great scene where all three are happy. And you know what? If your slumber party doesn’t look like this, don’t even try to invite me! 🙂

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Sleepover with Surprise

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