Know Your Place


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British Domme Mistress Mera’s pathetic slave is in for some merciless whipping in the basement as she reminds him of what he is, in ‘Know Your Place’.
Mistress Mera lets her slave out of his cage for once in this underground, dark and cold basement dungeon, but only so she can chain him against the cold brick wall and enjoy reminding him of where he belongs with an extreme whipping.
From the first lash, the slave has thick red welts from his Goddess’ singletail whip down his back and across his backside. Mistress Mera ignores his cries and admires the pattern she has created on her sub. He struggles against his binds but expert Mistress Mera has him tied down tight to endure his whipping.
Sick of the pathetic moans and groans, Mistress Mera challenges her slave to take the whipping in silence. She proceeds to whip him hard and fast until he can’t take any more and sobs and screams. You’ve never quite heard cries of agony like these!
Mistress Mera enjoys the spectacle of the slave wriggling and crying, and knows that no one will hear his screams or come to his rescue. The sexy dominatrix is dressed in tight leather pants and thigh-high boots, and giggles as she asks her slave to beg him to stop.
She forces her slave to endure a further 6 lashes from her whip, before eventually abandoning him, tied to the wall in her dungeon domain. Eventually, he’ll be released and put back in the confines of his cage.

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Know Your Place

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