Kitty Attacks


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Miss Flora may look cute in her leather harness and kitty ears — but this kitten has claws! In ‘Kitty Attacks’, we see what happens when this petite German Mistress lets loose on her prey.
Wearing just a latex thong and bra paired with leopard print stiletto heels and a leather harness, Miss Flora shows her slave that he only deserves to be under her small, delicate feet as she treats him to a long session of extreme trampling in this clip. Miss Flora throws in some kicks and scratches as she tramples her slave, and the stiletto heels leave welts and punctures in his skin. The Mistress is feeling cruel towards her plaything, and she jumps on his back, paying special attention to the most soft and painful parts of him.
Once this kitty has had her fill of torturing her slave’s back, she commands him to roll over so she can look down at his face while she tramples his chest, arms and neck. This originally strong and silent slave is soon reduced to a whimpering, squirming wreck.
Miss Flora isn’t satisfied with this outdoor punishment until she has her slave begging for mercy, and she uses every cruel twist to get him there. From tickling his ribs with her high heels, to standing on his neck to restrict his breath, she soon has the slave yelping out pathetically. As a special treat, Miss Flora sits on her slave’s chest, and digs her sharp high heels directly into the palms of his hands for a hand trampling delight while he enjoys the intimate view.


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Kitty Attacks

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