Is Your Mouth Ready for My Ash?

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Czech Mistress Lady G is in the mood to humiliate her human ashtray in this clip “Is Your Mouth Ready for My Ash” from Merciless Dominas.

This young slave is eager to please and ready to take his punishment at the hands of his Goddess, who is more than prepared to subject her human ashtray to some verbal humiliation in her slave training. Dressed in a tight black dress, Lady G looks the picture of femininity as she forces the young submissive boy to hold his mouth open for long periods of time, and take multiple back hand slaps to his face.

She forces her slave to his knees to worship her boots as he awaits her further instructions. She continues smoking her cigarette, largely ignoring the lowly slave. Only when she is ready, she repeatedly forces her slave to stick his tongue out so he can swallow her ash. He willingly chokes it down when she commands.

This sadistic Mistress even forces her slave to smile as he is verbally degraded and used as an ashtray. Her slave training is designed to make her slaves forever grateful for their various punishments. This slave takes instructions happily, and we can see his erection in his tight shorts even as he is forced to try to eat the butt of her cigarette.

Eating the butt of the cigarette is too much for her slave, and he almost vomits, so she allows him to spit it out, but then has to lick the ash off the floor after making such a mess. Lady G is never merciless, so she repeatedly slaps him back and forth for being unable to complete his task. This poor boy almost looks like he will cry, in the end


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Is Your Mouth Ready for My Ash?

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