International Trampling


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Bitrack is a trampling fan who always trying to push his boundaries. This time we had the opportunity to suggest him triple trampling that becomes international because of the members. Mistress Inka from the UK, German dominatrix Sweetbaby and Lady G from Czech are ready to pierce their high heels into the body of Bitrack. Three awesome girls with different ways of trampling. British domme is playful, her jumps and stomping are quick and light. She is so kind as to give the slave a bit of facesitting.
Cruel Sweetbaby purposefully tortures sensitive places – nipples, palms. Her stomping is very intensive.
Czech mistress likes to kick and leave sexy scratches on the slave’s body with her sharp heels.
What delights us in Bitrack – he enjoys this ticklish sweet pain and he can stand a lot. He suffers and laughs! And like a good boy, he has to clean up mistresses’ boots and shoes after they finish with his tongue.

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