I’m Just Walking by

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Miss Flora enjoys some outside fun in this outdoors domination and pegging clip.
When the sadistic German Domme, Miss Flora, spots an innocent bystander taking a nap in the afternoon sun, she spots an opportunity for punishment and quickly makes him her slave as she has fun torturing his nipples and fucking his ass.
The confused victim endures Miss Flora performing some cock and ball torture on him, twisting his nipples and beating his balls. She only needs a simple wooden spoon to give him some real pain as he squirms and moans. She spanks him with the wooden spoon before repeatedly slapping his balls with the implement.
The gorgeous German dominatrix puts on her lubricated gloves on and teases the slave’s hole with her fingers. She gets in nice and deep while tugging his balls, and gives him a nice long expert prostate massage. This is one lucky submissive man!
Miss Flora is merely preparing the slave for the fucking that is about to begin, as she forces him to his knees and lubes up her strap on dildo. She expertly fucks him doggy style, before flipping him onto his back like a little sissy and fucking him some more. Moss Flora uses the wooden spoon to further torture his penis and subject him to nipple torment. He’s soon back to whimpering and crying as she beats his cock and balls while squeezing his nipples until he is begging her to stop.
Miss Flora makes sure she gets in a good few kicks to her new slave’s balls with her bare feet but eventually takes pity on him, treating him to a delicious footjob and facesitting. Surely a day the slave will not forget!


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