Cum For Me Slave

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A young masked slave is in for some pleasure and pain in this foot worship fetish clip featuring British Domme Mistress Mera.
Intimidating Mistress Mera is sexily clad in tight leather as she doles out both pleasure and pain from her knee-high leather boots. This British Domme has her slave on his knees, desperate to touch his Mistress’ feet, and licking her boots from top to bottom in complete ecstasy. However, his pleasure doesn’t last long as the Goddess presses down on the head of his cock with her sharp, pointed stiletto heel, which causes the weak slave to wince and squirm with pain.
Mistress Mera doesn’t take the slave’s misdemeanour lightly, and she has strong punishments in store for a slave who moves without permission. This gorgeous Domme isn’t afraid to show her merciless brand of British domination and slave training, as she forces the slave to bend over, teasing him with some light kicks to the balls, before delivering a final strong blow with her boot which causes the slave to crumple over in agony.
His punishment delivered, it’s back to some intense foot worship, and Mistress Mera allows the slave to remove her boots so he can take in the aroma and taste of her delicious bare feet. She even treats the grateful slave to a footjob – but not without some more light ballbusting.
Her kicks to his balls show off her sexy toned legs, and she forces her slave to take her entire foot in his mouth while he wanks himself off. He quickly finishes with a cumshot all over his Mistresses foot, which she promptly orders him to lick clean. What a lucky boy!

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