Caning With Slave Radec


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Madam Caramelle makes an interview with slave Radec. Learn how Radec ended up as a slave, what he likes about it, what he has tried until now and much much more. As Madam Caramelle is a very sadistic woman and Radec is a very poor slave, she wanted to give Radec an offer he could not refuse, 0.5€ for each stroke he could take from her rattan cane. Of course, there would be a catch € Radec needed to tell in advance, how many strokes that he could actually take. If he used his stop word, before the 100 strokes that he chooses, he would only receive 0.2€ for each stroke. This time Radec actually got a little lucky, as there was really not enough space for Madam Caramelle to get full power on her strokes, however, they were still quite hard. Watch yourself and listen how slave Radec screams like a pig.

PS: download version includes an Interview with slave

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