Busted Robber


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This feisty British domme has some ballbusting torture in store for the criminal who takes her by surprise in this new clip, ‘Busted Robber’.
Mistress Storm proves she can get any man under control with a serving of her unique combination of ballbusting and verbal humiliation. As he steps into her domain, the Mistress wastes no time in getting him to obey her, immediately delivering a knee to his balls and barking commands to this pathetic and snivelling intruder.
This sexy dominatrix gives her would-be assailant some extreme ball abuse, punching him in the balls with her bare fists before dragging him around her nightclub and eventually kicking and stomping on his sack with her knee-high stiletto boots until he can’t take anymore and begs her to stop through his whimpers and grunts.
Dressed in a tight red dress and knee-high stiletto boots, Mistress Storm combines elegance and beauty with extreme cruelty in this clip. Watch as she turns the tables on this pathetic man and turns him into a cowering wreck with a few well-placed hits to his most sensitive areas.
The Goddess clearly enjoys putting a man in his place and takes great pleasure in strip-searching and commanding her slave, before absolutely destroying his balls while telling him what a pussy he really is.
You won’t see a woman put a man in his place as well as Mistress Storm does in ‘Busted Robber’.

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