Bonus for Obedience from Mira Cuckold

in on 11/07/2022

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A rare delight, Mistress Mira Cuckold treats us to a sensual romp in this fully-nude dominatrix video. This European Goddess gives her slave a bonus unlike any other – a treat for his obedience – rolling around in bed, naked. Mistress Mira’s body is to die for, and we just can’t get enough of her sexy curves and sensual domination curve in this femdom clip.

Soft yet strict, the Hungarian mistress forces her slave’s head between her legs, to feast on her expertly manicured pussy, before strangling him with her well-toned thighs. He stretches and yearns to continue tasting his Mistress, but can’t wrestle free from the grip of her legs around his neck.

The picture of the most exquisite pornstar, Mistress Mira Cuckold treats her slave to some fully naked facesitting, her bare ass on this lucky man’s masked face. We’re even treated to a close up shot of this domme’s beautiful shaved pussy, before they also get down to some scissoring.

This naked session also includes some insanely sexy pose 69-ing, making this slave one of the luckiest in the entire Merciless Dominas catalogue, as Mistress Mira Cuckold certainly knows how to reward her slaves for good behaviour. However, she doesn’t let him reach full climax, and instead whispers him down to relax when he gets too close to orgasm – you always have to leave them wanting more, after all!

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Bonus for Obedience from Mira Cuckold

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