Be Strong for Us


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This boy has been bad and need a punishment, as Mistress Melia says “he’s in trouble now”. This scene, is also the first we have filmed with new Merciless Domina, Mistress Melia. With the slave secured and suspended the fun can begin! First up, is a game called push and pull to a huge amusement for our two Mistresses, while the slave sounds less impressed and at the point of crying. Next up is a whipping of the slaves genital’s, again there are shared opinions on how fun this exercise, depending if you ask the slave or the Mistresses. Next up is, or wait, better have a look yourself. What I can reveal is that this CBT scene contains lot’s of screaming, and a great lesson in CBT from Merciless Dominas Miss Flora and Mistress Melia.

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Be Strong for Us

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