Ass Pounded by Goddess


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In “Ass Pounded by Goddess”, we see what happens when British Domme Vivienne L’Amour dons her sexy fishnet pantyhose and lets her sissy slave out of chastity for good behaviour — treating him to a good fucking in every imaginable position with her big strap-on cock.

This sissy slave is hungry for his Goddess’ cock – and she doesn’t disappoint – forcing his gag reflex into action as she deep-throats him long and hard until he is desperate to feel it fill his hole.

In this extreme pegging clip, Vivienne L’Amour demonstrates her strict slave-training skills and commands her slave to assume the ‘head down, ass up’ position, and impressively fucks him down into the bed. However, she isn’t satisfied until she has pegged her slave doggy style, against the wall, and on his back with his legs and gaping hole spread wide.

After being forced to sit on her strap-on cock, the pathetic slave and his hungry holes can’t take anymore under the powerful deep thrusts of the Goddess’ strong thighs. He pathetically gives up and crawls away from a disapproving Vivienne L’Amour. Surely more punishment is in store for him now!

Get ready for some close-up pounding in this hole-destroying video

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