Are You Scared, Slave?


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Czech dominatrix Madam Lucrecia looks every part the dominant woman in tight PVC and lace tights, showing off her impressive cleavage as she punishes her masked slave; brutally whipping him with her leather flogger as he winces with pain. It’s not long before his back is patterned with thick red welts from her lashes.
Madam Lucrecia knows just how to command her slaves, and barks at this bleeding submissive man to “get down”, and of course he obliges – this sexy dominant Mistress only recruits slaves who know how to behave and do as they’re told.
This beautiful BBW doesn’t just stop at whipping her slave, she stomps all over him with her high heels, scraping his already raw skin with her stiletto heels and kicking her pathetic slave in the ribs. Her black and white spiked shoes encase her dominant feet beautifully, and her slave feels each impact as she digs them into his body.
This slave clearly loves being underneath his Mistress’ feet, moaning “yes” with each stroke of her flogger as she stands on him. Madam’s Lucrecia’s slaves know how to be appreciative of attention from their cruel Czech goddess.
By the time this sadistic BBW is done with her submissive slave, he is bleeding and whimpering on the floor, and she is satisfied with his punishment so far. This clip, “Are you scared, slave?” is everything you could want from a Czech Mistress with a flavour for punishing the men under her feet.

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Are You Scared, Slave?

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