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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The affiliate program at MyAdultBiz is aimed for models, fans, bloggers and others, who would like to promote specific models and/or clip genres. If you are a webmaster, we in most cases would recommend, that you promote the membership sites directly, via our partner program at That said, you are of course welcome to choose this option instead.

Welcome to the Affiliate Terms & Information

How To Become An Affiliate

Simply send us an email.

If you already are a user (customer) of the site, please include the email used for your purchase(s). Then no other information is needed.

If you do not already have an account, then please let us have your full name and/or company information. Your account will be setup using the email address that you are writing from.

Even not mandatory, we would love if you could write a little about who you are, and how you plan to promote our website. You are more than welcome to include links to your traffic channels.

Please include information about how you would like to be paid (read more in the Payment section)


We pay a flat rate of 50% of the turnover.

We do not pay commission on customer returns and fraud.

The minimum payout is €50 and payouts are made between the 20th and 25th. of the following month. As per default, we payout via Paxum in €. In it possible to be paid via Paxum in $ without any conversion fee or Bitcoin instead. As per default, we pay in €, as per request, we can pay in $ or £ without any conversion fee.

If you would like to change the way you are paid, please contact us at

Coupon Codes

We offer 20% off coupon codes to all of our affiliates upon request. The coupon codes give 20% off any digital product, including products already on sale, however coupon codes can’t be combined. Codes can be used multiple times or expire when used once by a customer, as per your request.

We want our affiliates to compete in creating value for potential customers, rather than competing on who can rank for the highest coupon code. For that reason, we do not offer any coupon codes higher than 20%. It is strictly prohibited to advertise fake coupon codes, and this may result in your commission being frozen or your account terminated.

If you would like to offer coupon codes, please contact us at

Marketing Tools

When logged into the affiliate area, you will find your tracking link together with a small selection of banners. If you need a custom banner, with maybe a coupon code or your logo, then do not hesitate contacting us. We are here to help!

Model Landing Page (marketing tools continued)

Are you a model and would like to promote the clips containing you, we can set up a special Landing Page containing only such clips. We can put your latest clips first, offer a special coupon code and much more as per your request, for the best possible conversion.

Transaction Fee

MyAdultBiz cover all transaction fees. So you will receive a full 50% of any purchase. Example, a customer makes a €20 purchase, you will receive €10, without any deductions.


MyAdultBiz is using cookies to track the your traffic sent. Cookies are stored 30 days. So if you send a potential client on the 5th., and then the client then returns to complete his or her purchase within 30 days, the sale will be credited you.

General Terms

MyAdultBiz reserves the right to reject any application to its programs for any reason.

The affiliate is responsible for providing MyAdultBiz with valid information (contact info, name, address, payment info, etc.) in its account.

Affiliates can’t promote MyAdultBiz web-shop using false and misleading information to attract customers, and affiliate campaigns must not lead to general complaints in high numbers, compared to the traffic sent. All purchases and actions of the customer must be carried out by free will, without receiving any sort of kickback.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact us at

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