Live Streaming

Welcome to our Live Streaming section. This is where you can watch live, when we produce new content for our websites and in some cases partner websites. We are not live streaming everything, but we aim to offer at least two monthly live streams.

Please visit the section of your favorite site, and find out if and when a live streaming event has been planned.

If you would like to watch a live event on, there are two options;

a) You can sign up for a membership of your favorite site of ours (see the list below). Write support of the site you joined, that you would like to become a member of This does not cost anything extra, see it as an added benefit to your membership. As a member of, you will be able to attend all of our live streams, and not just the ones related to the site that you are a member of. Your account will expire together with your site membership. It is not possible to join if you have a trial membership. Please allow up to 12 hours for your account to be activated, after your request.

b) Buy an event ticket to the specific live stream that you would like to watch. An event ticket costs EUR 6.99 and is only valid for the live stream it is purchased for.

As either a member or ticket holder, you will be able to join our live chat and forum. The live chat and forum access will never expire, as long as you do not break our forum terms.

The Live Chat is where we meet, during the live streams. You will be able to interact with the actors, and other site members.

Our Forum, is where we discuss each of our sites in general and the upcoming live streams. Here you can come up with suggestions for upcoming streams and scenes, suggest actors, and interact with our staff.