Slave Testing 1

in on 07/07/2022

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Not everyone can stand the pain of our Mistresses. We often have a lot of you guys writing us that you want to take part in filming. Telling us how much you can take and that no limits are needed and so on. When the day of the actual filming comes, most of you unfortunately just got sick or someone stole your car or another accident… Of the persons actually showing up only a few stand actual hard pain…

Lady G and Miss M tired of this, so they decided to make a test of a couple of the slaves, just after their arrival. Punishing in some of the ways, the slave itself had written in his application. Wannabesubmale who is the slave in this episode has actually filmed with us a couple of times before, but it was the first time he ever meets Lady G and Miss M a meeting he will never forget…Slave Testing 1 a great scene where you can really feel the pain of slave Wannabesubmale. We even had to stop the filming once as he simply broke down


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Slave Testing 1

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