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Serving your Goddess takes a lot of energy. It’s an honor to get such an opportunity. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to appreciate it. British mistress Vivienne l’Amour launches her studio, and her subs repair it. As it turned out, somebody is not ready to give all the best.
Slave Dog was caught trying to escape for the third time. If your dog tries to run away you should chain it. The cage will become his new home; he is not allowed to leave it on his own. And now is the time to show him how much Madam is unhappy with his behavior. Skillful dominatrix leaves bright marks on the fugitive’s back with two long singletail whips. The slave is at the limit, but tomorrow he will receive another 100 lashes. He will wait for his torment without food, water, and sleep. Do not anger your Goddess!

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Learn to Respect

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