Dirty Boots for Sniffer


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Instead of working in the stable, Simmer decided to satisfy his fetish. He found Vivienne’s dirty leather knee-high boots in the corner of the stable, which need to be cleaned. Sniffing the smell of sweat leather and feet of the mistress, he began to stroke his cock on the bootlegs. Goddess caught her slave in the act because not a single misconduct may be hidden from her. Neither a hard cock nor an unfulfilled task, man. What a disgusting behaviour, this pervert disappointed her so much! Vivienne l’Amour has the right and duty to teach him a lesson. Licking mud from her boots, stomping and rubbing with hard sand. All this and even more he must endure to saving his job. Otherwise, he won’t work for any of the British mistresses never again.

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Dirty Boots for Sniffer

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